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Anita Gayle Godeaux, Mother of the Bride

Soooo sweet. She made the wedding day as stress free as possible. My daughter said she seemed show up every time she was thinking she need something, like she read her mind! Very organized. Complimented by all of my vendors. I don't know how anyone can do without a wedding planner. Definitely recommend.

KARA PATIN, BRIDE Love love love Alyssa!

Alyssa was a dream come true in the last few months of my wedding planning. I used her services for the 3 months leading up to my wedding, and on the wedding day. She is the absolute sweetest person I could have ever chosen to work with! I didn't have to worry about a thing on my wedding day. Alyssa is such a hard worker and she made sure that everything was perfect for my special day! Thank you Alyssa!

Laura Juengling, Bride

I think my father said it best in a thank you email to Alyssa..."I wish I could find the right words to convey our appreciation for unruffled grace you personify and showed in the weeks leading up to our daughter’s wedding, at the event, and the reception thereafter. I don’t know how any bride can handle all the minutia and details necessary to pull off even a modest wedding, without your guidance, support and follow through. You brought our daughter confidence and comfort in the critical days before the ceremony, allowing all of us to fully enjoy the tender moments that will touch our hearts forever. You were there for all of us, every step of the way. You are a gem and made our special day, absolutely perfect."

Jennifer puryear, bride

We used Alyssa for our day of coordinator and it was hands down the best decision we made. She is incredible. She’s so nice and you can tell by the little things that she really cares about you and making your day stress free. We can’t even imagine our day without her. She made it go so smooth and she did such a good job setting up our décor and making sure we had everything we needed throughout the entire night.

SIDONIE GAUDE, BRIDE- Alyssa made our wedding magical.

My husband and I took two years to plan out our DIY Cajun and colorful wedding from a thousand miles away. We knew we wanted to make/build/plan a majority of our wedding ourselves but knew we would need help along the way. We hired Alyssa Mistric to have someone local in Louisiana to keep all the details straight and take command on the wedding day so bride/groom/family/friends could enjoy the day as much as possible. SHE WAS AMAZING! There are so many details that we never even thought about but Alyssa was priceless in keeping us on budget, bringing up valuable bits of advice, finding a perfect photographer in a crunch when our first choice fell through four months before the day, helped form backup plans as it happened to rain on our outdoor wedding, and was a reliable helping hand through the entire process. Thanks to her, we have countless beautiful memories collected from our wedding day and not a single regret.

Kristen Soileau, Bride

Being a wedding photographer, I knew all the complications that could go into planning such a huge day. I didn't have the time to do it alone and didn't want to put it all on my mom. We decided to hire Alyssa on a whim and it was one of the best decisions I made besides saying "yes" to my man of course! She was ahead of me the whole time, which is pretty awesome considering i'm a control freak and micro manager. She was so fun and so sweet throughout the whole process. 

One moment that stood out to me happened right after out first look. My husband and I were walking toward the venue, when Alyssa came out with a smile. She then shared with my that my wedding cake had fallen due to an unstable table and was unable to be fixed. I was so happy with everything else I couldn't have even find a reason to get upset. I laughed it off and trusted her anyways. Later in the night, a guest came up to me exclaiming how much they loved the cups of ice cream and cake. I was so confused because I never ordered ice cream to be paired with cake. Alyssa then told me that she sent her assistant 30 minutes into town to buy ice cream to save the day. I knew right there that I made the right choice. Alyssa is a rock-star seriously.

Conrad and I couldn't not have been any happier.


Alyssa Arlene Events was so worth the money!! Not only was I able to enjoy my day, but she was on-call to me whenever I needed her or just had a simple question. She made sure I was taken care of as well as my family on the big day and just had a positive attitude overall!HIGHLY recommend her for any bride who wants a stress-free wedding day!

Brittany Mitchell, Bride- best decision we ever made!

My now husband and I hired Alyssa as our day of coordinator for our wedding. This was easily the best decision we ever made. From the moment I met Alyssa, I felt immediately at ease about our wedding day. Alyssa was professional, kind, organized, extremely detailed, and for lack of a better adjective simply amazing. She definitely went above and beyond our very high expectations. She made my dream wedding come to life and most importantly, she saved my sanity.

korie burney, bride

Alyssa was such a delight to work with. The entire wedding day was spent making memories and enjoying friends and family. She handled the entire day of details completely and we were not disappointed. Alyssa made sure our plans and preparations for the day were perfect. She is a jewel!

Becca Stanton, bride- Alyssa will exceed all your expectations. She is wonderful. (:

Working with Alyssa was a great experience. As soon as my husband and I met her, we felt she would be perfect for planning our wedding. She is friendly, energetic, kind, creative, and we felt like we had known her our whole lives after just one brief meeting. She was great along the way, but the week of the wedding she was absolutely vital and when she really outdid herself. She took all of the stress off of me by contacting all of the vendors, creating a timeline for the bridal party to follow, and coordinating the rehearsal so well that the ceremony started on time and went smoothly the next day. She really did everything I could have asked for and then some. She decorated the Wolff Ballroom precisely as I saw it in my mind. She told us what to do and when to do it and yet also let us just have fun. And one of the last details that really exceeded our expectations was that she packed us dinner and cake that could have fed 5. Alyssa knows what she is doing and is so easy going and laid back that she makes it an enjoyable experience. She can be trusted to plan your wedding and you can be positive that it will turn out exactly how you envisioned it. She was a joy to work with and I’m excited to see the weddings she plans in the future.

Taylor Moore, Bride- Alyssa was my life saver!

I hired Alyssa less than a month before my wedding, but that didn't stop her from making my wedding look like she had been there from the beginning of the planning process! She quickly got to work on everything I needed her to do! She glued together 500 sheets of paper with a stick between them to make 250 fans for my wedding the week of my wedding! You can't get anyone better than her! I didn't have to worry about everything the day of my wedding, she set everything up better than I could have planned myself. Alyssa is the sweetest girl I have met and she is exactly what I needed on my wedding day. My dad looked at Alyssa while we were waiting to go the aisle and she was sending everyone down the aisle and told me he was so glad we hired her. Love her!

Amelia Smith, Bride- The Fairy Godmother of Wedding Planning

Alyssa is such a doll! There aren't even enough kind words to describe her or her work. She's always willing to do absolutely anything for her brides. Initially I needed Alyssa, not to plan the wedding, just to help coordinate and set up the reception. I knew exactly what I wanted for my wedding and reception, but had no one to set everything up. Alyssa was able to tell us where to get the things we couldn't find, she put together our going-away streamers, even packed me a night-before-the-wedding relaxation kit. The day of the wedding was such a breeze, and it was all because Alyssa had everything taken care of!