Olivia and Phillip, St. Pius and Le Pavillon

It’s been a while! I have so much catching up to do on the blog, but my Louisiana brides have been filling my heart and my calendar with so much goodness! Since I’m so far behind, we’re going to throw it wayyy back to Olivia and Phillip’s hot July wedding day!

I had so much fun working with Olivia, Phillip and Olivia’s mom! Olivia’s engagement was a quick one. I think we planned her wedding in about 5 months and if you know me, you know I love a quick engagement. It allows for quick, solid decisions and no real second guessing. This group was so trusting and didn’t over think anything, they knew what they liked, didn’t like, wanted, didn’t want and completely trusted me and the process. Plus, they were just a fun group to work with.

Planning Olivia’s wedding for July meant we could use and thankfully, she was really into using COLOR! So many brides steer clear from too much color in their florals, afraid that it will take away from the classic, timeless look that they may be going for, but I completely disagree! I think using fun colors is a great way to add spice, personality and really make your wedding stand out. I’m so obsessed with the florals for this wedding, Root Floral Design did an amazing job, per usual and Kim always does a phenomenal job with the photos.

I loved this family, loved these colors, loved Olivia’s classic wedding dress… this wedding was full of SO MUCH GOODNESS. Like really goodness that matters: family, friends and love.

Some of my favorite pictures are below!

Ceremony: St. Pius Catholic Church

Reception: Le Pavillon

Photographer: Kimbrali Photography

Videographer: Apercu Films

Florist: Root Floral Design

Hair and Makeup: Joie de Vivre Salon

Band: Three37

Cake: Kathleen Short

Live Artist: Dirk Guidry

Erin and Keith Saltzman

It has been a WHILE, but we have so many amazing weddings coming your way and first up is Erin and Keith!

I was so excited when Erin hired me as her planner. I did her brother's wedding and several of friend's weddings, so I've seen her around several times and I always love working with groups of friends and family members because it offers me the opportunity to stay close to them and see how their lives have progressed in our time apart. Being a wedding planner in Lafayette really offers me this opportunity because the community is so close knit!

Erin's family is amazing. They are so kind and I absolutely loved working with them. Erin is such a classic beauty and her wedding such an elegant event, a perfect representation of her and Keith as a couple!

Below are a few of my favorite pictures from their big day!

My favorite picture is probably that last one. Erin saw me leaving at the end of the night and jumped out of her getaway car to give me a hug and to grab a photo. I can't tell you how much that meant! i could go on and on about how much I loved her, but let's show her vendors some love too:

Photographer: Kimbrali Photography

Videographer: Bolgiano Media

Florist: Root Floral Design

Ceremony: St. John's Cathedral

Reception: Le Pavillon

Hair and Makeup: SoHo

Bride's Cake: Kathleen Short

Groom's Cake: Sky's the Limit

Live Artist: Dirk Guidry