Wedding Gift Giving Guide

Hey there friends! It's been such a busy wedding season. With 3 more weddings before the end of the year, we're starting to see the light! 

I'm here to give you my best tips for giving wedding gifts. This is aimed towards my twenty and thirty something friends who are starting to have several friends and family members get married and aren't sure about gift giving etiquette. Hopefully you find these tips helpful.

It never fails that when discussing the set up and layout for weddings with my clients, so many say "Do we really need a gift table?" "Can it be a small one?" "Do people still bring gifts to weddings?" I'm here to say that YES, people still bring gifts to weddings. With over 5 years and over 100 weddings under my belt, I have NEVER had a wedding with no gifts. Even for my many destination weddings, there is still always at least a few on that gift table. This leads me to....

Tip number 1:

Have your gifts already sent to the couple or their family prior to the wedding day.

While I don't find it in poor etiquette to bring gifts on the wedding day. Depending on the location and set up of the wedding, you may be 1. holding on to that present for a while or 2. have to run back to your car to get it and the couple and their family will have to find a way to transport those precious gifts (along with everything else they have) at the end of the night. Although the bride and groom are incredibly thankful that you thought of them and were generous enough to buy them a gift, I know they would also appreciate having it delivered prior to the big day. 

Tip number 2: 

Utilize their registry!

The bride and groom will spend a good amount of time working on their wedding registry. Please utilize this amazing tool that makes it super easy to 1. know what they want and 2. if ordering on line, have the items sent to them. I know I stressed over my registry so much because I wanted to provide a wide variety of items for my family and friends to choose from. Registries are such a useful tool and Zola makes it SUPER easy. If you're not into buying dish towels for your friend and they've used Zola, you'll have so many cool places to choose from and find something that they want and you feel good buying them. Many of my clients use Zola and RAVE about how they can register for so many items at many of their favorite stores. 

Tip number 3: 

Include a card or personal note!

I'm super sentimental, so I always try to remind my clients to send thank you notes to everyone involved in their wedding. As a guest, I also think its equally important to include a card or personal note with your gift. While not in poor taste to eliminate, I think it adds another level to your gift. You have the opportunity to not only give them a wonderful gift, but a card with sweet words is something that they'll also treasure for years to come.

Tip number 4: 

It's okay to give cash!

Many traditional Southerners find it in poor taste to give cash as a wedding gift. I disagree. While I do think a thoughtful, hand selected gift is perhaps more meaningful, cash is always welcomed and many of my couples prefer it especially if they've built a home together prior to their wedding day. Zola makes it super easy to give cash via their registry, but you can also give it to them in person as well. 

Tip number 5:

Personalize it!

If you are very close to the bride and groom and want to veer away from the registry, go for it BUT keep it personal! Think of things they love and let that guide your gift giving. Do they love wine? How about a monthly wine subscription? Do they love art? You could buy them something for their home. When veering away from the registry it's important to keep the likes and dislikes of the couple because remember, you're buy the gift for them to enjoy and cherish.

Tip number 6:

Don't be thrown off by a Honeymoon registry

Times, they are a changin'! It's becoming more and more common for couples to live together prior to marriage or have built separate homes if they aren't living together. Therefore, they're more likely to need less "stuff" and want a cool honeymoon. While we millennials aren't generally put off by this, I know my grandmother would say "Absolutely not! That doesn't count as a gift!" BUT it DOES! The bride and groom want to start off their married life with an awesome honeymoon and it's totally fine for you to help contribute to that experience if they have created a honeymoon fund or honeymoon registry. You're helping them to create memories that they'll hold close and cherish for a lifetime and nothing can take that away. Zola makes it super easy for them to create their honeymoon fund and even easier for you to contribute to it.

Tip number 7:

Don't over think it!

At the end of the day, the couple doesn't expect anything but your love and support for their marriage. It's ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS the thought that counts the most.

These are my top gift giving tips, but I'm going to include some more tips from Zola below JUST incase you needed al little extra advice! And if you're a bride or groom, Zola is an AWESOME site to use for creating your wedding registry! They offer so many options for creating your registry. I highly highly recommend them!